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    May is also known to bring with it many beautiful flowers and new life. Perhaps you’ve heard of the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers?” Additionally, May is named after Maia, the Greek Goddess of Earth. Maia is known to bring with her springtime and an abundance of life. In Rome, Maia is known as the Goddess of Fertility. Wouldn't you want to read on?

    April showers bring May flowers. This is an English proverb which suggests that nature blossoms in Northern Hemisphere with spring rains. In Finland, the May Day has been said to have magical powers and it was believed that those who had their fortunes told on this day would have all their wishes come true. These strong associations tie into the notion that May is a special month for life and growth, which comes as no surprise. After all, Shakespeare deemed April a “loveliest of all months” but May was surely named the “loveliest of all the year” in his Sonnet 130.